(CMLT, rev. 10 /0 3)

". . . that National Church Ministries establish mandatory denominational in-service training requirements for ordained/consecrated workers which shall be implemented through each district. -." 1993 Anaheim General Council

Mandatory National Church Ministries has not made Continuing Education participation a requirement for licensing, but has encouraged the districts to place in the permanent file of each ordained/consecrated official worker a record of participation.  It is assumed that those placing pastors will take participation in Continuing Education into serious consideration when allowing a pastor to candidate in a church. Each ordained/consecrated official worker is required to attend and report to the District Office his participation in Continuing Education.  Continuing Education is defined as those activities that provide continued growth of skills in the performance of professional ministerial functions or those activities that teach new skills for ministry.

Accepted delivery systems include less formal, more personalized approaches to learning as well as structured events. The preferred vehicle is small accountability groups as in a district Continuing Education program. Formal masters and doctoral program hours shall qualify.  Requirements shall be 24 contact hours per year. Each district will determine the number of hours of credit to be given for a particular activity. Events sponsored by National Church Ministries will have credit hours attached.  Implementation shall be through the local district. We should expect compliance from all official workers. The permanent record of each official worker shall have a Continuing Education report. Governing boards should be notified of the expectation and encouraged to fund this requirement. It is the district's responsibility to record and monitor.

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1. Who is responsible for record keeping?
Record keeping shall be the responsibility of each district. Forms for such record keeping are available for your use from National Church Ministries and are included following these guidelines.

2. Who determines the number of hours of credit for a particular activity?
Each district through the person responsible for Continuing Education should determine the specific credit given. Any event that has a regular schedule such as a class will be credited for actual class/seminar hours. Less formal events will have to be decided by the district. Nationally-sponsored events will have credit hours attached.  C8-1

3. Should the district prescribe a curriculum or emphasize particular areas for
Continuing Education requirements? If so, what are the key categories in which official workers need constant updating?
Annual training should be given in one of the C&MA core values and in one of the crucial skills needed for pastoral effectiveness. 

4. Should Continuing Education courses tie directly to the ministry assignment? Church planting? Youth, etc?
Workshops, seminars, and courses of study will probably be chosen to enhance the ministry area of the worker involved. However, courses of study should not be limited to the particular assignment in ministry.

5. How does Continuing Education relate to those going through the process of ordination/consecration and the mentoring program?
For the first two years of licensed ministry, the ordination/consecration or mentoring process shall be considered as fulfilling all of the Continuing Education requirements as long as the candidate stays on schedule.

6. How does Continuing Education relate to “Growing a Healthy Church” training?




2 HOURS OF CREDIT (Most of this workshop is not related to personal and professional development of the pastor.)







 7. How does Continuing Education relate to a church or pastor taking his congregation through the Vision Building Weekend?
This shall not be granted credit. This does not relate directly to the personal and professional development of the official worker, but to the entire church.

8. How does Continuing Education relate to cluster groups of official workers designed for learning, application, and accountability?
Each district will need to determine the value related to providing continued growth of skills in the performance of professional ministerial functions or those activities that teach new skills.  That is not to downplay the importance of relational groups, but to qualify these activities in relationship to our agreed upon definition of Continuing Education.

9. How does Continuing Education relate to Prayer Summits?
Full attendance and participation shall receive 10 hours of credit. This shall be granted one time only when a reflection paper is written applying what was learned at the prayer ministry summit in the local church.

10. How does Continuing Education relate to Promise Keepers Conferences?
Pastors' Conferences shall receive 5 hours of credit.  C8-2
Equipping Conferences for lay leaders' - no credit. While we encourage leaders to take men to Promise Keepers meetings and equipping conferences, we believe that this does not meet the conditions and criteria for Continuing Education units. It does not directly
benefit the official workers’ personal and professional development since the event targets lay leaders.

11. How does Continuing Education relate to service on district committees?
These are a part of our service in and to districts, but not directly related to the Continuing Education of official workers.

12. How does Continuing Education relate to Church Leadership Academy courses? Does this fulfill the requirements?
Yes! Hours of credit will be attached to each course as it applies to Continuing Education.

13. How does Continuing Education relate to district service requirements?
For example, one district requires one week per year to work in the district camp.  This relates to service by official workers not the education and edification of workers. 

14. How does Continuing Education relate to Military and Institutional Chaplaincy educational requirements to maintain their status?
This counts if the number of hours required to maintain or upgrade credentials meets the 24 contact-hour standard.

15. How does Continuing Education relate to Church Planting Institutes, Boot Camp, Coaching, etc?

  • Church Planting Institute  - 16 hours
  • Church Planters Boot Camp - 24 hours
  • Incubator - 24 hours
  • Parent Church Network - 8 hours

16. How does Continuing Education relate to Great Commission Coaching Network?
Any person active in the Great Commission Coaching Network shall receive his full 24 contact-hour credit.

17. How does Continuing Education relate to other pre-approved seminars?
Districts may pre-approve any seminars that they believe will be beneficial and meet the definition of Continuing Education. Credit hours shall be set by districts.

18. How does a contact hour relate to academic credit at our Alliance schools/other Schools?
Official workers who enroll in accredited or approved courses of study may receive credit for their work. These courses should be pre-approved for credit. As a general rule, one two or three-hour course of study with its in-class and out-of-class requirements normally exceeds the 24 hours per year. Therefore, one two- or three-hour course completed may be considered the equivalent of fulfilling one full year of Continuing Education standard.  C8-3

19. How do the following fit into Continuing Education?

  • Independent self study? (This option is primarily designed for those who by location find it difficult to access other opportunities.)
    Not more than ten hours a year may be accumulated in this type of study. To receive credit, the self-study course must be outlined as to its objectives and hours required. The outline should be submitted to the district for approval before it is begun. A written and
    no less than two-page reflection paper stating what was learned shall be required. If approved by the district, and completed by the student, the course shall receive credit.
  • Correspondence or video courses Same as independent study. Hours set by the district. Prior approval is necessary.
  • IDAK?
    Attendance at a Pastors’ Leadership Development Seminar or training in the assessment process shall receive 10 hours of credit.
  • IDAK Church Planters Assessment Centers?
    Participation in an assessment center shall be awarded 10 hours of credit.  C8-4

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7. How does Continuing Education relate to a church or